Made of Steele

Trust and you will be trusted
Says the liar to the fool
Lust and so what if you're busted?
In love and war, there ain't no rules

Do you believe in forever?
I don't even believe in tomorrow
The only things that last forever
Are memories and sorrow

Out of sight, out of mind
The motto of betrayal
The prophets preach to forgive and forget
I'm sorry but I am unable

So you stay home
Drinking alone
Empty bottle in your hand
Don't even try
To sort out the lies
It's worse to try to understand

Waste of life
You're a waste of life

There is no pain like that of desire
Is there no difference between women and fire?
One burns the spirit
The other the flesh

Yeah I feel something pulling me down
Forcing me between myself and the ground
Of all the nightmares that ever came true
I think that gravity (gravity-gravity) is you
26.9.11 21:35
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